About counselling:
Counselling and psychotherapy are methods of processing and healing from painful experiences and feelings. Exploring these thoughts and feelings, in a safe and non judgmental environment, can help transform our understanding of ourselves and our problems. As a result of this, we can feel happier, more in control of our lives and able to move forward with new purpose and perspective.

First consultation:
First sessions last 90 minutes. I will ask you about yourself, the issues that are affecting you and what you hope to achieve from coming to counselling. This will help inform me what kind of counselling is suited to your needs. Please also feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

Short term counselling:
This type of counselling usually lasts for about 6-20 sessions. Perhaps you are not sure if counselling is for you or maybe you have had counselling in the past and now you would like to focus on a particular issue. We can identify the issue(s) that need to be worked on and set aims for the sessions. I usually recommend we start off with six sessions and review the work we have done on our fourth session. This gives us an opportunity to discuss how the counselling is going and how many sessions you would like going foward. If you’re not sure-which is fine- we can just review things as we go along. You may decide that open ended counselling is more suitable for your needs.

Open ended counselling:
This type of counselling proceeds at your own pace, continuing for months or years. It gives you ongoing emotional support and space to exlore, reflect and gain deeper insights into your feelings and experiences.

Depending on the issues that are affecting you, the counselling process is rarely a ‘quick fix’ but can take time, commitment and effort. If you put the work in, the emotional rewards can be truly life changing. You can become happier, more confident and more certain of who you are and what you want out of life. Your relationship with yourself and others can improve and painful past experiences can stop defining you. There are some things that may always cause us pain but through counselling, we can learn to let go, accept and move on.